Lauren (_rockabye_) wrote in tortured_dollie,

Name: Lauren
Favorite color: Seeing as white and black are shades. Blood red
Sun sign: im sorry?
Hair color: Dyed black with red in bangs
Natural hair color: Natural light brown

Favorite candy: sweet tarts
Favorite song lyric & why: "Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?" just because i love that song and i love nin
Favorite bands: nine inch nails, marilyn manson (old), the cure, Depeche Mode, Slipknot(old), Alice in Chains, Cold, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Black Label Society, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Sublime, Smashing Pumpkins, Dream Theater, Alice in Chains. much much more..
Favorite books: i dont really like to read books too much, so i dont have a favorite.
Favorite singers: dont really like solo singers..more into bands
Favorite author:Stephen King
Your favorite body part & why: my boobies! heh. cas i just got them pierced! and i love em'
Favorite clothing item: my hoddie. its really big and soft hehe
Favorite quote: Something deeply philosophical which I can't recall at present
Style: As in what?
List 3 words that describe yourself: odd.crazy, loud
Hobbies/interests: drawing, doing my makeup over and over again..hanging out at the mall.
Relationship: going good..i heart my boyfriend <33
body mods: scars
Goals in life(give 3): do good in guard (not kill anyone with a flag) pass high school, stay off of drugs.
Why do you want in this community: To talk to others similar to myself. Many communities seem to be ful of stereotypical people.
Why do you think youll get in: Because you people are awesome. Will flattery get me anywhere?
Make us laugh:Image hosted by
Promote us in 3 places and give links: i havent got to that yet.. but i will!!

Gay marriage: All for it. Love knows no boundaries. Who are we to say that you have to love someone of the opposite gender?
racism: To me, skin colour doesn't matter. What's inside matters. More people need to see that.
abortion:Pro-choice. Though I believe it's a right that shouldn't be abused, and should only be used in extreme circumstances.
bush: He tries his best, but I really don't agree with his opinions on many things.

Whips/chains: Whips and chains!
dildos/real thing: i like the real thing
vanilla/cherry: cherry
being dominated/dominating: either one
pink/black: black, but i like pink too
candy/lust: Lust
eyeliner/lipgloss: eyeliner
tattoos/piercings: get them with out being 18.

Did you have fun with this app?: Yes. It stopped certain thoughts entering my brain for a short period.
Who recommended you(if anyone)?: -
Comments(if any): -
Give us your best shot!!:

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im the one with the hat on hah.
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